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Amazing Stories

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                                                            Amazing Hypnosis Stories 
                                                         (All names have been changed)

Julie was a student in my class on Exploring Life after Death. Each student took about a minute to introduce herself to the class. However, it took Julie 10 minutes. She gave information that shocked the rest of us. Julie said that she didn’t believe that she should live because she thought she had committed a terrible act in a previous life. She admitted that her deep sense of guilt had caused her to attempt suicide on 3 occasions in her current life. While talking, her neck turned a deep pink. I hypnotized Julie to relieve her of her guilt feelings. In trance Julie saw herself as a man in a prior life who strangled his wife and subsequently hanged himself. When Julie forgave herself for the prior life actions of murder and suicide, she experienced a total emotional release of guilt and left the session peaceful for the first in this current life time.*

Jennie was seeing me for help in changing eating habits regarding diabetes, but one day she expressed concern about a granddaughter’s possible leukemia. Taking advantage of her belief system, I regressed Jennie 2000 years to another lifetime and had her place her granddaughter in the arms of a healer. The next week, Jennie reported that all tests were negative and her granddaughter was healthy.**

In 2000, in a single session I helped Andrea discover the initial sensitizing event for her panic attacks. This event occurred at age three, though attacks did not trigger until another trauma occurred in her fifties. The attending psychologist commented that it would have taken weekly sessions over a year’s period to gain that information, and it possibly never would have been recovered.**

In the mid 1980’s Rachel came to me regarding frequent stalking by an ex-boyfriend. I suggested a past life regression. In it Rachel discovered that the same soul (also as a man) had killed her. The entire session went without any adverse reactions until I suggested she forgive him. She screamed, “NO!” I then explained that forgiveness meant release from him and she agreed. He never stalked her again. **

Sometimes, emotional connections will block a smoker’s desire to quit. Tim commented that cigarettes were “a matter of survival.” Upon discovery of the sensitizing connection he went from two packs a day to zero with no cravings and no withdrawal.**

Joe had written several songs and plays, but had never submitted any because he thought they were not good enough. In a past life regression he had been a Jewish girl of nine during the holocaust and had never had been able to please the guards. Within a year he had a play in production.**

Marcia could not reduce weight until she was regressed to the age of three and relived her dad telling her, “You’re too little”. Even though the context was that she was too little to drive nails, her subconscious made no distinction. Afterwards, Marcia lost over fifty pounds.**

Sara's primary issue was grief at the recent death of her mother. (Her father had died several years before). The main problem was that her memory of her mother was of sickness, tubes, debility and a painful death. I used a long relaxation induction and a visualization of taking her to the garden.

Under hypnosis, she was able to see and smell the flowers in the garden.  She saw the fountain, the stream, and the temple in the middle of the garden.  The author asked her if there was anyone that she wanted to invite to the garden and talk to? and to look around and see if there was anyone else in the garden.  At first she said no, then she said, "Oh, It's Mama, and she's walking. She is smiling at me. She is young again and she is healthy. And, OH!, Daddy is with her." The previous ugly image of sickness and death was replaced by this beautiful image and she stated that she knew they were happy and well.

We have returned to the image in other sessions in order to reinforce it. She was given the post-hypnotic suggestion to remember this image when she remembered her parents.***

Florence was plagued by the remembrance of a horrible smell associated with the care she provided to a terminal cancer patient.  The remembrance of this odor would overtake her at any time of the night or day and it caused nausea and significant emotional distress.

Under hypnosis Florence was instructed to remember pleasant smells.  She identified roses, pine, lemons, and so forth.  She could recall these smells at will by way of post-hypnotic suggestion. She was instructed that she could remember or forget scents at will.  She was instructed to forget the unpleasant odor and to replace it with a pleasant smell of choice.  The suggestion was given that she might also enjoy the use candles, incense, and pleasantly scented soaps, etc.  The problem was resolved and she was able to recall pleasant scents at will.***

Marybeth had abstained from sugar with a 12 step program for 6 years, then relapsed and was eating 1 pound bags of M&Ms and other sweets in the car, but never in front of family and friends. She had tried the 12 step program, but it just wouldn’t work for her anymore, so she tried hypnosis. She weighed 197 pounds when I first saw her.  We used an abstinence program in which she abstained from sugar and white flour as well as snacking in between meals.  She was hypnotized with aversion and had immediate results and had no difficulty staying away from sweets and white flour.  In addition, we added daily emails of her food diary and exercise with feedback from me.  It worked beautifully.  She released 48 pounds and went into maintenance and has kept the fat away.  She still abstains from sugar and white flour and snacking with the help of hypnosis, coaching and frequent emails.  Her blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar remain healthy and she exercises almost daily.****

*Hypnotherapist: Arleen Carr
** Hypnotherapist: John Ferguson
***Hypnotherapist: Suzy Grey

****Hypnotherapist Diane Carlin